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We get all our hormones from the plant and fruit kingdom just like all the animals. Hormones become offset through years of violating our body with processed foods and not eating our raw fruit and vegetables, as our creator intended. This is the reason for the following two Common Sense™ Products.


Female Hormone Combination


Female Hormone Support


Woman Have One Extra Channel of Elimination, The Uterus

The fact of the matter is that the eliminative capacity of the uterus is stunted, not only by accumulative waste stuck in the uterus and fallopian tubes, but also by excess waste locked and trapped in a prolapsed transverse colon. As a result, the colon collapses on top of the sigmoid flexure (the belly) and pushes the belly on top of the reproductive organs, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. This traps parts of the menstruation inside the body causing cellulite and a host of other more serious health problems.

Unfinished Menstruation Equals Cellulite

Cellulite is nothing more than waste from unfinished menstrual cycles. Part of the menstruation that stays in the body each month gets trapped there by waste (mucous) in the uterus and fallopian tubes. This unfinished menstruation falls below the uterus into the hips and buttocks area creating what the medical establishment calls "cellulite". The bloodstream then stores cellulite all over the body. Men do not have cellulite because they do not have a menstrual cycle. Women generally carry more waste in their bodies than men because of the stunted capacity of the uterus to rid the body of enormous amounts of waste, once a month.

The False Change of Life (Menopause) Makes "The Withered Woman"

Hot flashes and cold sweats during menopause are symptoms from the menstrual cycle being trapped inside, attempting to escape through the skin. Menopause is a false change of life that occurs prematurely. Mostly, because of the waste/mucous that is trapped in the female reproductive system.

A little known fact is that, menstruation should start at 18 and should not cease until a woman is between the ages 50 and 55. The brain would then shut it down. The ovarian life cycle should just be under fifty years, however, it has been shortened to less than forty years by processed food, creating menopause, which is a false change of life. When the menopause stops the menstrual cycle (even if you have had a hysterectomy), it continues to circulate inside of the body, drying up all of the three hundred and fifty female hormones. That is when women become worn and withered.

Clots in Menstruation are Bloody Balls of Mucous

The clotty menstrual cycle, which is indicative of fibroid tumors, is nothing more than clots of mucous colored by blood. When Miss Menstruation (the monthly cleansing of the incubator) pays a visit once a month, this self-same mucous turns into red colored balls (clots of mucous). These bloody clots are like the flu once a month in the uterus. This is also a discharge (mucous) of all the junk you ate one month or years before, now colored by blood. If this junk cannot come down through the colon it is going to come down through the uterus. Unfortunately, the body can't send your junk through the colon because your colon is blocked by waste.

Yeast Infections "Cold In the Uterus"

Yeast infection or discharge is the self-same mucous, a cold in the uterus. The organs (which has vast intellect) will ask the blood stream to ask the Uterus if it will store some of your garbage in this open area. The Uterus is more than willing to assist in ridding the body of the mucous caused by processed junk food, once a month because it was not designed to hold on to anything that creates fibroid tumors. The uterus, being the woman's extra channel of elimination, unfortunately, has so much mucous in this open area.

Premenstrual Syndrome (P.M.S.)

P.M.S. is literally caused by extra waste trapped in the blood stream. It races over the nervous system beginning at ovulation, setting it on fire, shocking the entire body into a nervous fit. This waste should exit the body through the colon, but it can't because women are usually more constipated than men.

So the body has to wait patiently for menstruation to come around once a month in order to relieve itself. At times, the body may try to send this extra waste through the skin. This is how pimples and warts are formed. The pores are not sufficient enough to rid the body of large amounts of waste, so drastic physical changes (cramps) and psychological reactions (mood swings) occur.

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