Cardio Help Circulatory System Support
Cardio Help Circulatory System Support
Cardio Help Circulatory System Support
Cardio Help Circulatory System Support
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Cardio Help Circulatory System Support


  • Supports Healthy Heart Function
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Modulates Blood Flow
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Heart Attacks Are The Number One Killer In America. Common Sense™ “Cardio Help” Is Formulated With God’s Herbs To Specifically Address The Heart And All Arteries Approaching And Leaving The Heart. Taken Faithfully, It Can Help Restore Your Heart’s Health No Matter What Age! This Combination Includes The Following Ingredients:

Are For The Repair And Rebuilding Of The Heart. In Fact, The Berry Is Shaped Somewhat Like The Heart. A Little Known Fact Is That Every Eleven Months Our Body Has A New Organs (Heart), But The Condition Of The New Heart Is Dependent Upon How We Rebuild It. Hawthorn Berries Helps To Build A Healthier And Stronger Heart.

Has Been Discovered To Be Very Helpful In Alleviating Symptoms From The Common Cold, Upper Respiratory Infections, And Fibromyalgia. This Powerful Root May Help Reverse a Number Of Known Heart Diseases. Astragalus Root May Help Lower Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Levels. It Is Also Commonly Used To Help Improve Loss Of Appetite, Weakness, And Fatigue.

Is Thought To Be The World’s Greatest Herb. No Herbal Combination Is Complete Without It Because It Is A Catalyst For All Herbs. Capsicum Circulates Blood To The Extremities (Hands, Head, And Feet) Which Makes Wounds Heal Faster. It Also Helps Improves Circulation To The Male Reproductive Organs, Enhancing Their Performance. It Is Known To Help Stop Internal And External Bleeding, Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Shock, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Ulcers, And A Host Of Other Maladies. Contrary To Popular Belief, It Is Not An Irritant But A Soothing Herb.

Is Used For Its Ability To Circulate Blood In The Pelvic Area Which Is Vital To The Colon. It Helps to Improve Digestion, Relieving Congestion And Regulating High Body Temperature. Ginger Root Is Also Used To Relieve Tired And Achy Muscles.

Is Found To Improve Blood Circulation, Thus, Helping To Provide Sufficient Nutrition To All Cells Of The Body. It Also Has A High Natural Menthol Content. This Is The Reason Why Menthol Is Used In Clearing Respiratory Problems. The Application Of Cold Rubs, Which Contain Peppermint, Help To Relieve Airway Congestion And Provides Relief From Colds, Coughs, Sinusitis, And Asthma. The Refreshing Feel Of Peppermint May Help To Overcome Stress, Depression, And Certain Anxiety Disorders.

Contains Antioxidant Activity That May Inhibit The Development Of Arterial Plaque And Improve Capillary Health. Therefore, It May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases And Help Regulate Cholesterol Levels. It Strengthens The Adrenals, Which Are Part Of The Endocrine System. Licorice Root Is Also Natural Cortisone, Therefore, Beneficial For The Human Brain. It Also Helps The Body Release Its Own Endorphins, Which Is Our Natural Morphine.

Is Historically Known As “Nature’s Herbal Penicillin”. As One Of The Top Five Herbs On The Earth, It Also Helps To Open Up Blood Ways Minimizing The Occurrence Of Blood Clots And Promoting Greater Blood Circulation. Garlic Also Has Antioxidant Properties That Helps Boost The Immune System. It Is An All-Around Tonic.

RESVERATROL (Japanese Knotweed)
Boasts A Long List Of Benefits, Including Cardiovascular Health, Anti-Inflammatory Properties, It Helps The Joints And Improves Athletic Endurance. Resveratrol May Protect Not Only The Heart And Arteries But Also The Brain. Studies In The United Kingdom Suggest That Resveratrol May Help Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael A. (Los Angeles, US)
“Herbs are for the healing of the nations”

Common sense products are the best!!

Etel L. (Queens, US)

Cardio Help Circulatory System Support