7 Amazing Supplements for Long-Term Natural Health

In the modern world, staying healthy can be a big challenge. In addition to the daily pressures of work and family life, you might be struggling with a lack of exercise and suboptimal nutrition. Natural products can be a great way to regain your balance and support the function of your vital organs. Incorporating herbs and roots that have been used for generations into your lifestyle is one of the most effective ways of attaining natural health.

7 Amazing Natural Supplements for Long-Term Health

1. Liquid Chlorophyll 

Chlorophyll is the substance found in plants that absorbs light and makes them appear green. It can be extremely beneficial for humans because it contains a lot of important vitamins, including A, C, E, K, and beta-carotene. Some vital minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium are also present, which makes Chlorophyll a great all-round liquid supplement.

The main reason why people start taking liquid chlorophyll is that it helps keep your digestive system running well. Issues such as hemorrhoids or gastritis can be relieved, and your body will be more able to renew and repair your colon in case of damage. In fact, chlorophyll can have a general anti-aging effect on the body, since it provides the substances needed for the regeneration of tissues.

2. Senna Leaves 

Almost everyone feels constipated sometimes, but when the problem becomes chronic, it can affect many aspects of life and lead to more serious problems. In the US, around 16% of people suffer from this problem, and a third of adults over 60 experience it. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help. Senna leaves are particularly effective because they are the strongest herbal laxative currently available.

In addition, Senna they can help you to get rid of worms, and some people have found that problems with bad breath can be resolved by taking Senna leaves. If you'd like to take them long term, you should mix them with Psyllium and Slippery Elm to prevent griping. The latter provides protection for your colon's wall and can help with digestion.

3. Mullein Leaf 

The respiratory system is arguably the most important in the body, since we can't go more than a few minutes without air. Currently, millions of people are suffering from conditions related to their lungs, such as asthma, and the problem is partly related to the American diet. In particular, cheese is considered a problem for your lungs, as well as dairy products and processed foods could be contributing to the issue.

Mullein leaf can cleanse your body of excess mucus, which is a big part of why people develop lung conditions. This natural remedy will soften the thick mucus, so it can be expelled by the lungs. As a result, the risk of tuberculosis, asthma, yeast infections, and pneumonia can be reduced significantly.

4. Black Walnut Hull and Blessed Thistle 

As we grow older, keeping our brain active and our memory intact becomes a priority. Due to stress, bad nutritional habits, and a lack of exercise, many people are experiencing early issues with reduced concentration, and memory loss. These problems could be significantly reduced with natural remedies, they can be a great step in the right direction.

To improve the blood flow to your brain, you should consider a mixture of black walnut hulls and blessed thistle. Both will help deliver nutrients to your brain and remove any parasites that are present. In addition, black walnut hill can also strengthen the enamel in your teeth, and blessed thistle builds up the heart and heals skin rashes.

5. Vegan Protein Powder 

Plant proteins are very beneficial for everyone because they can stop your cravings for sugar and processed foods and they help you build lean muscle. For this reason, a vegan protein drink could be the right choice for you, no matter if you are currently involved in heavy physical exercise, looking to improve your performance at work, or simply hoping for a boost to get you through the day.

The best products on the market also contain herbs that add to your health and further aid in revitalizing your body. Here at Common Sense Herbs, we offer Endurance34 CSP, which allows you to enjoy all the usual benefits of protein powder while remaining completely vegan and natural.

6. Skullcap

More than 20 million people in the US have some form of peripheral nerve damage, and this can make it hard for them to function normally. When we are tense or stressed out, our nerves can cause us extreme pain, which is why taking an herb that strengthens and calms them down can be a great idea for almost anyone.

Skullcap is an excellent choice because it also helps to rebuild the sheaths around your nerves, and it reduces pain and inflammation in the sciatic nerve. Many common conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and even epilepsy are commonly eased with this natural remedy, and it is sometimes used on people who are recovering from addiction.

7. Women's or Men's Natural Health Support 

Our intimate health is extremely important, and it changes over the course of our lives. For women, taking herbs that aid with normal menstruation or that calm the symptoms of menopause can have a strong positive effect. For instance, bayberry root, blue cohosh root, and ginger root all reduce the irritating symptoms of menopause.

For men, a hormone combination that supports prostate health could be crucial. Remedies such as bee pollen, cayenne pepper, and dandelion root can cleanse your body and purify your blood, resulting in increased health and a more satisfactory intimate life.

If you're looking for a long-term solution that builds up your body and mind, natural herbs could be for you. Substances derived from plants have been used to for generations;  you can harness this healing power to enhance your own life. Get in touch with us now at Common Sense Herbs to speak to one of our herbal consultants, who can come up with a customized wellness plan that suits your needs.