“At Common Sense™ Products (CSP), we believe that optimal health is best reached by going back to our heritage: the herbs.

More than anything, Common Sense™ Products are designed to cleanse the body, in particular, the colon. Cleansing is the only way to have a healthy bodY, there are no shortcuts. If we do not clean the colon we will pay the solemn price of bad health.

We often blame genetics or bad luck for illnesses that have befallen us, when in fact, we are the ones who brought bad health upon ourselves by years of bad habits and unhealthy eating. When processed food makes us sick, we’ve been taught to take drugs that will temporarily bury the symptoms and further complicate the problem.

If you have a desire to be well, then it is up to you, as an adult, to take action. If you are ready to take full responsibility for your health, then you are ready for Common Sense™ Products.

At CSP, we like to inform you about the uses of herbs, because no tool is more essential than having herbal knowledge.”


“Your health is your responsibility, not the doctor’s, not your parents’, nor your children’s.”

~ Tim Morrow

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