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Children Need Good and Nutritious Food to Achieve Their Full Potential. Unfortunately, School Lunches Are Loaded With Extra Fat And Empty Calories, But School Cafeterias Are Only A Small Part Of The Problem. A Whopping 74% Of Middle Schools And 98% Of High Schools Have Vending Machines And Snack Bars That Offer Endless Choices Of Lifeless Food.

The Problem With Processed Food And Junk Food Is They Lack Nutritional Value, While Also Delivering A High Dose Of Unhealthy Fat, Calories, Sugar, Salt, And Carbohydrates. Not Only Are These Foods Robbing Kids Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals, But They Are Also Making Them Constipated! Constipation Is Something That Cannot Be Ignored, It Is A Serious Matter.
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Making Healthy Choices For Our Children Begins At Home. Children Need To Cleanse Their Entire System Just As Much As Adults Do, Regardless Of Their Age. Cleansing And Rebuilding Their Little Bodies Is Important Because New Tissues, Bones, And Muscles Develop At An Astonishing Rate. Therefore, It Is Important To Maintain A Strong Immune System.  The Ability To Run, Jump, Play, And Learn Is Dependent Upon Nutrient Intake In Childhood. But How Can Their Little Bodies Absorb Such Nutrients If They Are Full Of Toxins? Detoxing Is Key!

Common Sense™ Products Provides High Potency Herbal Blends That Are Safe And Effective For Children To Assist In The Cleansing And Cell Building Process. Our Herbal Blends Will Safely Cleanse A Child’s Entire Body Systems. Our Products Do Not Have Labels That Read “Keep Out of Reach of Children” Because They Are Formulated With The Safety Of Your Children In Mind And With The Purest Herbs From The Earth.


“According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, the rate of childhood obesity and diabetes has tripled in the last 30 years. Junk food is one of the main culprits for this childhood obesity epidemic. Media marketing and uninformed parents expose kids and teens to junk food, encouraging them to make unhealthy food choices.”

~ Tim Morrow

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Why People Choose Us

Herbs Get Results

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded in history and most modern medicines are actually organic compounds that can be found in nature. In fact, people first learned which herbs provided healing by watching which plants animals eat when they are sick. If you don’t think herbs work, then you’ll have to disagree with all of recorded history and every animal!

Herbs Are Safe

Think of raw herbs as a type of food that nourishes your organs to promote healing and overall health. They are as child-friendly as any spice in your pantry and you don’t need to take herbs with food because they already are food. There are no common side effects or standard dosages. You can take as much or as little as you need to match your body’s unique chemistry and feel your best.

Herbs Are Natural

Anything that grows from nature is an herb. Herbs are the highest quality food known to man provided by Nature. Our herbal supplements are 100% plant material. In fact, each one of our formulas has a unique and strong herbal aroma.

Keep it Simple

At Common Sense™ Products, we believe that strength and power are found in simplicity. For centuries, simplicity has confounded and defied all known institutions as it is the most powerful and untapped element in the universe. CSP invites you to take this role on as an individual. Step into God’s pharmacy and allow nature to cleanse and restore your body to its natural state. Your desire to take action and be well has lead you to Common Sense™ Products. Each of our herbal combinations are designed for the body. No tool is more essential than having herbal knowledge. Exercise your Common Sense and by all means, use it in every walk of your life.

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