Lead is a mineral that occurs in trace amounts naturally around the world, it is found in soil, freshwater and seawater. Plants and food grown naturally can absorb lead through soil. This microscopic amount of minerals can be detected through hypersensitive modern scientific methods and is unable to be removed from natures natural process. Harmful effects caused by lead consumption are due to sizable exposure to the element.

Common Sense™ Products is monitored by government agencies twice throughout production, once when the herbs are harvested and shipped, and another when manufactured for consumption. Each time the raw herbs are put through strict testing and guidelines to ensure they meet or exceed regulations and are safe to be consumed by the public. Due to this extensive process Common Sense™ Products, does not contain quantities of lead that could be dangerous or in excess of what you might find in any other similar product that grows out of the ground.

Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive toxicity, including lead, are present in herbal supplements sold here. Lead is not added to our products, but results from food and herbal ingredients that contain naturally occurring lead from the environment. As a result, lead is present in our herbal products, including herbs grown at home or elsewhere, in grocery stores or other retail locations.

Your personal cancer risk is affected by a wide variety of factors. The FDA has not advised people to stop taking herbal supplements or foods that contain lead. This is MANDATED IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. For more information regarding FDA’s views, visit:

For more information about Proposition 65, visit: