Nerve Control Central Nervous System Support
Nerve Control Central Nervous System Support
Nerve Control Central Nervous System Support
Nerve Control Central Nervous System Support
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Nerve Control Central Nervous System Support


  • Nature’s Calming Formula
  • Promotes Restful Sleep
  • May Help Minimize Muscle Spasms
  • For Stress & Anxiety
  • Encourages Healthy Nerve Function
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Every Joyous Occasion And Every Stressful Situation Affects The Nervous System. At Times When The Nervous System Is Too Tense, It Can Cause A Number Of Health Problems. Every Function And System Of The Body Depends Upon A Strong And Calm Nervous System. Common Sense™ “Nerve Control” Will Help Keep The Nervous System Working Well In Every Situation While Helping You Get Restful Sleep. This Combination Includes The Following Ingredients:

Is A Great Nervine That Works On The Nervous System Through The Spine. Not Only Does Skullcap Relax The Nerves, But It Will Also Rebuild The Nerve Sheath (Insulation) That Protects The Nerves. It Is Excellent For The Sciatic Nerve And All Nerves Below The Waist.

Helps To Relax The Organs To Better Assist In The Release Of Toxins. It Is Known To Naturally Ease Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Stress And Headaches From Tension. Catnip Is Effective For Managing Stress, Promoting Restful Sleep And Alleviating Persistent Coughing. It Helps Open Obstructions Of The Lungs. Catnip Helps Relieve Digestive Issues Such As: Upset Stomach, Nausea, Gas, And Diarrhea. Catnip Has A Diaphoretic Effect. Catnip Is An Excellent Herb For Overall Liver Health In All Ages.

Is Considered A “Nervine” And Used Mostly As A Sleep Aid For Its Sedative Effect. It Is Known To Help Relieve Anxiety, Eye And Brain Tension. Passion Flowers Have A Hypotensive Effect And Relieves Tachycardia (Fast Heart Rate). It Is Also Excellent As AN Aid For Relieving Nerve Pain And Nerve-Related Problems.

Is A Powerful “Nervine” Used To Quiet, Calm, And Promotes Sleep. Valerian Has A Healing Effect On The Nervous System. It Is Known To Help Reduce Heart Palpitations, Epilepsy Attacks, Headaches, Hangovers, Menstrual Cramps, And After Pains From Childbirth. The Drug Valium Was Derived And Synthetically Made From Valerian Root.

Works On The Central Nervous System Due To Its Methylbutenol Content As An Aid For Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, And Pain. Hops Flower Is A Tonic And “Nervine” Which Has Been Used For Years To Help For Relieve Toothaches, Earaches, And Neuralgia. It Helps Increase Perspiration And Has Diuretic Properties. This Herb Has Also Been Used To Helps Tone The Liver And Expel Intestinal Parasites.

Is One Of The Greatest Herbs Of The Earth Used To Remedy Nervous Conditions Naturally And Safely. It Helps To Cleanse The Lungs Of The Mucous Known To Cause Asthma, Allergies, Pneumonia, And Other Respiratory Problems. Lobelia Helps Reduce Rapid Heart Palpitations And Is Helpful In Treating Fevers, Hepatitis, Meningitis, And Mumps. Lobelia Is Excellent For Helping To Reduce Swelling In Sprains And Ligaments As Well As Relieving Lockjaw And Ear Infections. Even Taking In The Small Amounts, The Properties Of Lobelia May Act To Stimulate, Dilate And Relax The Bronchial Muscles.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ernest W. (Lakewood, US)


Pamela M. (Richmond, US)
Happy Sleep Time

This is definitely one of my favorite products. I try really hard not to let myself run out of Nerve Control. I use this product faithfully to help me get a good nights rest ! 😌 I also use this product during the day by taking 1 or 2 pills to stay calm while working in the healthcare field. I am so thankful to be able to have a natural product that is made only of pure herbs and I am so grateful that it works.

Paula C. (Inglewood, US)
Never Disappointed!

I love Common Sense Herbs for their quality products and excellent customer service. I am always satisfied with my experience.

RC (Leesville, US)
Awesome product. It works for me.

I will continue to order this product m

Roy S. (Torrance, US)
Calms Nerves and Anxiety

Nerve Control offers the best nerve support. I’m guaranteed a restful night. Feeling calm in provides extra confidence. Thank you Common Sense for this superior product. RLS