Herbal Lax Gentle Colon Cleanser
Herbal Lax Gentle Colon Cleanser
Herbal Lax Gentle Colon Cleanser
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Herbal Lax Gentle Colon Cleanser


  • Gental Herbal Laxitive
  • Helps Maintain Bowel Regulation
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
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Common Sense™ “Herbal Lax” Is “SuperLax’s” Milder Yet, Just As Effective Sibling. Formulated With Three Essential Herbs, This Herbal Colon Cleanser And Laxative Is Designed For Sensitive Bodies Who Need Just A Little Extra Support With Constipation Relief. If You Have Experienced Aggressive or Harsh Colon Cleansers In The Past, “Herbal Lax” Is Where You Should Begin! This Combination Includes The Following Ingredients:

This Tree Bark’s Name Translates To “Sacred Covering” And It Is The World’s Most Intelligent And Non-Habit Forming Herbal Laxative. Cascara Sagrada Works Via The Gallbladder, Giving It Strength. The Bitter Gall Of The Gallbladder Is Like Detergent For The Colon. As The Gallbladder Releases Its Bile Through The Small Intestines, It Enters The Colon, Giving The Colon Its Peristalsis Action, Which Begins Moving The Waste Off The Colon Wall. It May Have Been Years Since The Colon Has Had Any Peristalsis Movement; Therefore, You May Feel Some Griping When You First Start Taking Cascara Sagrada But It Usually Subsides Soon After You Begin Eliminating Waste.

Is A Great Appetite Suppressant As Well As An Aromatic Herb Used For Cooking. We Use It In Common Sense™ “Herbal Lax” For Its Ability To Dispel Gas As The Colon Is Detoxed. It Is Also Helpful In Relieving Gout, Cramps, Joint Pain, Food Poisoning, And A Variety Of Stomach Problems.

Is The Fiber/Bulking Agent That Causes The Sweeping Effect Off The Walls, Floor, And Ceiling Of The Colon. It Is Not A Laxative Of Itself And Should Be Used In Conjunction With An Herbal Laxative Such As Senna Or Cascara Sagrada.
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