Do You Need Fiber in Your Diet?

Fiber is a nutrient that is essential to a healthy body and it is important to properly maintaining many of the body's systems through stool bulking and removal of toxins. Herbal fiber can be taken as a supplement to be sure that your body is getting enough.

Do You Need Fiber in Your Diet?

The Importance of Fiber & Digestion

Decreases Constipation

Fiber is critical to your digestive system because it allows waste to be effectively and easily removed from your body. Fiber is not digested by your body but is used in bulking and softening stool that carries waste out of your bowels. This is what creates the consistency in your stools that can help relieve constipation and keep your bowel movements regular.

Without fiber, your bowel movements are more likely to be hard, dry, and difficult to pass. This is not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious complications that may require medical intervention. Herbal fiber supplements such as “Psyllium Hulls & Slippery Elm”, “Herbal Lax” or “SuperLax” will help promote stool bulk to solve these problems.

Lowers Risk of Colon Disease

Digesting fiber appropriately can also help you lower your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions that can be harmful to your overall health. This includes helping you to avoid hemorrhoids which are often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. They may be difficult to heal, and you may need to see a doctor to take care of them.

Adequate fiber will also help you avoid diverticular disease in your colon. These are small sacs that develop in your colon and can lead to health complications. A lack of fiber may also be associated with developing colorectal illness.

Fiber Regularity and Weight

Taking an appropriate amount of fiber can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight in several different ways. One reason is that fiber is filling. You are likely to eat less food when you are consuming fiber, and you will naturally take in fewer calories.

Fiber can also absorb some of the sugar in your bloodstream, allowing your body to have better control over fluctuating blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar is under control, you are less likely to experience cravings for foods containing a lot of sugar or for simple carbohydrates.

Other Benefits of Fiber

Consuming fiber is beneficial to your health in many ways. Fiber is excellent for your heart health. It can lower lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol that leads to blockages of the arteries. This makes you less susceptible to heart disease and strokes. Eating enough fiber can also fight high blood pressure and reduce painful inflammation.

8 Signs it's Time to Up Your Fiber Intake

1. Constipation

Constipation is one of the most obvious signs of not getting enough fiber. Fiber is responsible for softening bowel movements so that they are easier to pass. If you experience bowel movements that are painful or difficult to pass, a lack of fiber is likely to be the problem.

2. Diarrhea

Other digestion problems can be the result of not consuming enough fiber, and that includes diarrhea. This is because fiber has stool bulking properties. Without that added bulk to absorb excess liquid, your bowel movements may be too loose and watery.

3. Constant Hunger

Taking fiber helps you maintain a fuller stomach for a longer period and makes you feel satisfied after eating. When you are not eating high-fiber foods or getting fiber in a different way, you are probably unsatisfied after a meal. You may crave more food even after you have just eaten.

4. Excessive Tiredness

Fiber helps keep your blood sugar under control, which keeps you from experiencing the cycle of your blood sugar levels rising and then crashing. These fluctuations can be exhausting, using up all your energy, and they can make you want to pass out right where you are standing. Blood sugar issues can also lead to insomnia, and the lack of sleep will make you even more tired.

If you are feeling tired in the afternoon hours after eating lunch, a lack of fiber is probably contributing to the problem. Consuming more fiber at lunchtime can help get you through the slump.

5. Abdominal Pain

When your diet lacks fiber, digestion can sometimes become painful. This is especially true if you have developed diverticular disease. You may find that your intestines are irritated and sore as your body attempts to digest the food you have eaten. You may also experience pain when you are attempting to have a difficult or hard bowel movement.

6. High Cholesterol

Getting enough fiber can cause your bad cholesterol levels to drop. When you are getting enough fiber, your large intestine can produce short-chain fatty acids that limit the production of cholesterol in your liver. If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, getting more fiber may help.

7. Inflammation

Inflammation is a problem that can be found in joints and muscles throughout the body. Arthritis and general pain are commonly associated with inflammation. When you don't maintain the good bacteria that should be in your gut, the end result is inflammation.Fiber helps good bacteria flourish and keeps the bad bacteria under control.

8. Acne

Acne is caused by toxins, dirt, and oil clogging the pores in your skin. Because fiber helps absorb toxins in the body, more efficient elimination of toxins can help clear up your skin.

Herbal Fiber Is a Plant Nutrient

Fiber is a nutrient that comes from plants. It can be found in various amounts in many fruits and vegetables. It is also found in grains such as wheat, oat, barley, and oats. You will also find it in nuts. All these sources come from plants. You can also get herbal fiber in products like Common Sense™ “Psyllium Hulls & Slippery Elm”, “Herbal Lax” or “SuperLax”.

High Fiber Foods

Many plant-based foods contain fiber. You will find it in fruits like apples as well as healthy vegetables like broccoli. Beans and legumes are some of the best sources of fiber. You can sometimes add bean flour to baked goods to increase the fiber content. Berries, potatoes, and whole-grain bread are other great sources.

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