Herbs for Hair, Skin, and Nails

In the quest for perfect hair, skin, and nails, everyone wants a magic potion, yet very few realize that the best way to improve hair, skin, and nails is by including specific herbs to your daily health routine. When you incorporate herbs into your routine, you can be rest assured that you will get healthier hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails. Other factors that affect the health of hair, skin, and nails include what you eat, drink, and your overall lifestyle. Herbs are natural yet powerful and effective.

Hair, Skin, and Nails and the Herbs That Will Strengthen Them

Herbs are natural yet powerful and effective. At Common Sense™ Products we combined 12 of the best herbs in nature to make the incredible, “HPC-12” formula. Taken daily, will make a difference in your appearance, and your overall health!

HPC-12 With Iodine: Hair, Plaque, and Cholesterol Support

This powerful herbal blend improves hair growth, helps nails grow longer and stronger, and promotes healthy skin with a glowing complexion. As if that wasn't enough, it also helps support healthy cholesterol levels, improves circulation, and balances thyroid function. Why does it help with such a broad spectrum of health issues? That is because, “HPC-12” is composed of 12 incredible herbs, and as research has found, each herb has a variety of health benefits. A single herb that is beneficial for the hair, can also be beneficial for the skin and other organs. Here is what is inside our “HPC-12”:

Cayenne Pepper

One of the best things you can do for your hair, skin, and nails is to increase blood circulation. Increased circulation to the nail bed can help your nails grow faster and stronger. A few of the many innumerable health benefits of cayenne pepper include improving skin and hair health, by increasing circulation from head to toe.

Dulse Leaf

Aging affects the appearance of your hair, your skin, and your nails. It can result in signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, sallow skin, brittle nails, and poor hair quality. Dulse leaf can help reverse the signs of aging as they affect the hair, skin, and nails.


Horsetail is another herb that helps increase blood circulation. Anything that increases circulation to your nails, scalp, and skin will help promote optimal health. Increased blood flow helps prevent stagnation which is exactly what you want when you're trying to improve the appearance and health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Fennel Seed

Fennel seed has many different health benefits, but regarding the skin, it helps deliver essential vitamins that promote youth, improve skin texture, and remedy acne. If you're looking for a clear and glowing complexion, consuming Fennel Seed daily will help you achieve your skin goals.

Garlic Bulb

Garlic is an important herb that promotes immunity, but it also helps ward off bacteria. It helps promote a healthy scalp and improves the skin in those who suffer from acne, inflammation, and swelling. It increases blood circulation, which helps your body deliver essential nutrients to the skin to help maintain a healthy glow. As an antioxidant, it can help keep your nails healthy and help them grow longer and stronger over time.


Horseradish is another antioxidant that helps reverse the signs of aging by protecting the body from free radicals. When it comes to skin health, free radicals can accelerate the aging process, so you need to take every step possible to avoid cellular damage.

If you're not a fan of consuming horseradish daily, our “HPC-12” will give you all the antioxidants and benefits found in horseradish without ever having to buy a jar from the grocery store.

Irish Moss

Strong connective tissue is essential to the health and vitality of your scalp, skin, and nail beds. Irish Moss is a seaweed and consuming it can help strengthen the hair, skin, and nails. It can also help moisturize dry skin and help promote skin hydration while reducing irritation and inflammation.


Kelp is another herb with antioxidant properties. It's anti-inflammatory and can help those who struggle with irritation and inflammation, specifically certain skin conditions like breakouts, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is also highly moisturizing which can help promote strong nails, increase hair growth, and keep the skin healthy.

Onion Bulb

Onion bulb is an all-star for health because of its highly antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Not only does it help promote clear skin by remedying and preventing breakouts, but it also helps keep the skin vibrant when consumed regularly. You won't find many topical hair products that contain onion, but you'll get many hair benefits when you consume it in an herbal formula like ours. It helps promote stronger, thicker, and longer hair. It can also help prevent hair loss, increase collagen production, and keep your nails, hair, and skin strong.

Rosemary Leaf

If you want to make your hair grow faster, rosemary leaf will help you reach your hair goals as quickly as possible. Studies have shown that rosemary can increase hair growth thanks to its ability to increase circulation in the scalp.

Whether you struggle with hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness, adding rosemary leaf to your routine will make all the difference in the length, health, and thickness of your hair. It can also promote healthy skin by reducing inflammation and addressing certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Sage Leaf

Sage can do far more than season your dinner. It has numerous benefits that help improve the skin thanks to its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It helps promote clear skin by combating acne, increases collagen production, and addresses skin laxity. It also helps stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Yucca Root

Yucca root stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It helps promote scalp health by increasing blood flow to the scalp. It may just be the magic potion that will help you achieve your dream hair. It also helps increase collagen production, improves skin health, and strengthens nails.

Improve Your Skin, Hair, and Nails the Natural Way

Don't waste your money on expensive, commercial, and chemical-filled beauty products that are damaging your hair, skin, and nails, and possibly harming your health in other areas! Check out our “HPC-12”! It's all natural, safe, effective, super affordable and convenient! Check it out Here, or come by to our store in Torrance, Ca. to learn more about herbs and their health benefits. We have something for everyone!