New to Herbs? Here Are 6 Things You Should Know

Herbal remedies have been around for millennia. In fact, archaeologists have found evidence that medicinal plants were used as far back as 60,000 years ago. Five millennia ago, there was written evidence of Sumerians using herbs for their medicinal properties. But with the advent of "modern medicine," herbal remedies pretty much fell by the wayside. At Common Sense™ Products, we have been helping people take back their health by making sound nutritional choices since 1985. Today, we're providing you with a comprehensive guide to herbal remedies. Here are seven things you should know if you're new to herbs:

6 Things You Should Know About Herbal Medicine

1. Herbs Can Help You Manage Your Weight

It seems like every winter there is a "new super-fruit" or "revolutionary drug" that will help you lose 30 pounds in 30 days so you can be "beach body ready." Desperate, individuals get caught up in the hype and believe that negative calories exist or that a caffeine supplement will help them magically slim down. While there is no magic cure for being overweight, SuperLax Herbal Colon Cleanser, and the Daily Preventive & Maintenance promotes weight loss naturally. The ingredients are 100% natural, thoroughly researched, and work in harmony to support healthy bowel function. Such ingredients include fennel seed, a natural appetite suppressant, and psyllium husk, a bulking agent that flushes your colon.

2. Herbs Can Detoxify Your Body

Certain herbs, such as red beetroot, dandelion root, milk thistle seed, barberry root, horsetail, parsley leaves, and capsicum, are found in our herbal combination, Liver Build.  Among the benefits of this supplement are cellular regeneration, deep detoxification, and an improved digestive system. There are many benefits associated with detoxifying your liver and gallbladder. Your liver is one of the organs responsible for flushing toxins out of your body. When your liver is overloaded or sick and not performing at maximum efficiency, it can't perform other essential functions. For example, it can't process dietary fats and flush out dead fat cells to facilitate weight loss.

3. Herbs Are Safe

Your primary care physician may have asked you for a list of all herbal supplements you take to check for contraindications with a new medication. This doesn't mean that herbal supplements can't be taken while taking traditional pharmaceuticals.

4. Herbs Can Help Ease Pain

Herbs aren't just for keeping pain to a tolerable level or easing the pain when it happens. Herbs can be taken as a preventative measure before the pain even occurs. For example, some herbal supplements are designed specifically with an ovulating woman in mind. The best supplement for PMS symptom relief is one that includes capsicum, such as Common Sense™ "PMS" herbal combination.

5. Herbs Help Anger Management

Most husbands know when their wife is about to start menstruating because she can't stop griping over him not doing the dishes. It bothers her every day, but when her period is around the corner, her hormones throw her patience out the window. If you notice yourself getting agitated every month a week or two before you begin menstruation, remember, there is an herbal supplement that can help balance your hormones and improve your mood.

6. Herbs Are Great for Your Brain

Over 5.8 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease every year. This disease is debilitating and causes many symptoms, including difficulty forming new memories. It can even result in someone walking out of there home and into the middle of the street because they don't know where they are. However, herbal supplements can support healthy brain function in several ways, including by improving blood flow to the brain. For example, blessed thistle is an herb that encourages blood flow, improving memory, and retention.

Learn How to Take Control of Your Health Today

When you purchase your herbs from a reputable provider, they are perfectly safe and incredibly effective. But there are so many herbs with healing properties for improving your quality of life that you may feel overwhelmed. If you're not sure which herbs you need to fuel and heal your body, contact Common™ Sense Herbs for more information.