What Are the Most Popular Herbal Supplements?

There's never been a better time to learn more about herbal supplements and how they can help you! Herbs have been helping humankind improve life for a lot longer. There's a reason certain herbal supplements are particularly well-loved, and especially when they support some of the key moments of life and the bodily systems we rely on.

What Are the Most Popular Herbal Supplements?

PMS Female Hormone Support

Ladies, the monthly cycle can sometimes be a nightmare, but who wants to ingest a ton of chemicals, synthetic hormones, or even over-the-counter painkillers if it's possible to find a natural solution? PMS Female Hormone Combination is a popular supplement because it provides a real answer for this sometimes difficult part of life.

What's In It

Bayberry root, which is rich in vitamin C, helps control bleeding, relieve cramps and headache, and keeps the cycle running smoothly. Blue cohosh root is included because it contains all the precursors for healthy progesterone and estrogen production. These are just two of the key ingredients in this popular combination.

Cardio Help

We're all interested in keeping our hearts in good shape. Cardio Help offers support for the circulatory system. Combine it with a healthy diet and lifestyle and you're giving your heart everything it needs to be strong.

What's In It

Astragalus root helps to balance blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels. Cayenne pepper, perhaps the world's greatest herb, greatly assists circulation and wound healing while working to stop bleeding and other cardiovascular issues. Cardio Help combines these powerhouses with things like ginger root (immune system boost), peppermint leaf (improves blood circulation), and more.

Pancreas Reg

We're all becoming more aware of the problems that arise when the blood sugar gets out of control. Our pancreas is the key player in keeping blood sugar regulated, and it needs all the help it can get. That's why Pancreas Reg exists: to support pancreatic function and help balance blood sugar levels.

What's In It

To support this vital organ, this herbal supplement contains nopal leaf, which helps to support blood sugar levels by increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin. When your body is more sensitive to insulin, the pancreas doesn't have to work so hard. Banaba leaf protects the liver, meanwhile, slippery elm bark goes to work actually promoting healthy mucous membranes, which are important for your pancreas and spleen.

Ultra Relief- Joint Support

Chronic pain is hard to live with, but the effects of chemical painkillers can be even worse. Ultra Relief goes to work supporting muscles and joints not just to ease the pain, but to help prevent it from ever beginning in the first place.

What's In It

It contains ingredients like Alfalfa Leaf. This plant has a particularly deep root system, meaning it brings up minerals that aren't readily available near the surface, which is where most of the vegetables we eat get their minerals. These minerals feed the pituitary gland, and Alfalfa is rich in all the vitamins and minerals we need to maintain our muscles and joints. These include iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and more. This supplement also includes Boswellia Serrata, an anti-inflammatory herb that supports healthy joints and works against the pains of rheumatoid arthritis. We combine ingredients like these with herbs like chondroitin, which provides the key structural component for joint cartilage, and others to provide the best possible support for your joints.

Activated Charcoal-Detox Support

Everyone should have Activated Charcoal around the house. It's an amazing herbal supplement for relieving stomach discomfort, and it's absolutely indispensable for absorbing harmful substances. It absorbs things like aspirin, cocaine, cyanide, Valium, viruses, bacteria, snake venom, and more. It absorbs excess gas and many other harmful toxins. Topically, it's useful in drawing out the toxins in everything from poison ivy outbreaks to insect stings. It even provides a natural and safe teeth whitening alternative to harsh chemical toothpaste and whitening systems. This is a must-have supplement for every home.

Headstart-Brain Nourishment

Where would we be without our thinking caps? And how many of us actually think about the health of our brain on a day-to-day basis? Yet our brains aren't just the control center of our bodies: they also require more energy and calories than any other process. We absolutely rely on our brains. Give your brain the support it needs with HeadStart, which encourages good function and memory, supports your eyes and vision, and goes a long way to helping you keep up a positive attitude about life.

What's In It

Black Walnut Hull helps vital oxygen get to the brain quickly, while blessed thistle does the same and also helps to support the heart. Cayenne pepper supports good circulation to get vital nutrients to the brain, while eyebright supports good vision. These are just a few of the key brain-nourishing ingredients in HeadStart.

Nerve Control- Nervous System Support

The nervous system is another key player in a happy, healthy life, and anything that supports a healthy function to this system is always one of the most popular herbal supplements. When our nervous system is in good shape, we sleep well and live eel well.

What's In It

Nerve Control contains Skullcap, which relaxes the nerves and helps rebuild the myelin sheath that protects the ends of our nerves. Catnip, another key ingredient, has long been effective for stress management. Passionflower and Valerian Root promote good sleep, among other uses.

See Why These Supplements Are So Popular!

When you enjoy the benefits of promoting your health naturally, without chemicals, you'll see just why these supplements are so popular. Visit Common Sense Herbs today to learn more.