What Herbs Are Used for Herbal Cleansing?

Herbal cleansing gives the body a chance to naturally purify itself and get rid of toxins and pollutants. With the right use of herbs, you can drastically improve your digestive health, excretory system, and blood circulation. Plant remedies are indeed a wonderful gift from nature. What herbs are used for herbal cleansing? The following is a list of herbs and products that include that specific herb.

Herbs Used in Herbal Cleansing

Cascara Sagrada

For centuries, the cascara sagrada herb has been used as a laxative for the treatment of constipation. Within twelve hours of a single dosage, it provides instant relief from constipation. It helps activate muscle contractions in the intestine so that stool may be passed more easily.

When consumed in small doses as a regular supplement, the herb can normalize bowel movements and provide long term relief.


Fennel is an excellent ingredient when it comes to eliminating toxins and bacteria. Combined with regular hydration and healthy diets, you can expect to completely detoxify and cleanse your body systems with continued use.

Fennel also helps reduce the risk of urinary tract problems by flushing excess fluids in the body. When it comes to gut health, this cleansing herb can alleviate digestive problems which include bloating, heartburn, and gas.


The husk from the psyllium herb is a natural form of fiber used for colon cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system. It absorbs the liquid in the intestines to form bulky stool, which is easier to pass. When used as an herbal supplement, psyllium can normalize bowel movements and prevent constipation.


By helping improve urine flow, the alfalfa herb is used to improve kidney, bladder, and prostate conditions. It is even useful in lowering cholesterol levels and treating the unwanted symptoms of menopause. It is a good source of B vitamins and rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron.


The roots of the barberry herb can treat infections, cleanse the bowel, and help improve digestion. They are often dried into capsules or turned into liquid extracts. The roots of this magnificent herb can be used to improve health conditions such as jaundice, joint pain, gout, and many more.

Black Cohosh

Another herb that is used for treating menopausal symptoms is black cohosh. As a cleansing herb, it can help eliminate hot flashes and night sweats. The roots of this herb have health effects similar to the hormone estrogen. When taken as a supplement for women, black cohosh has positive effects that appear within a few weeks.


The roots of the burdock herb are known to remove toxins and help purify the blood. It also improves circulation, helping restore vigor and energy. When it comes to improving dry stool and constipation, this wonderful herb improves the secretion of bile and the emulsification of oils and fats.  Endurance34 | Raw Vegan Protein Powder for Men and Women 


Dandelion helps eliminate toxins in the body. It works especially well for the liver. It is an attractive, all-natural solution if you've been living an inactive, unhealthy lifestyle. This herb will flush out and remove toxins caused by poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Also, the herb itself is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It can be cooked or eaten raw, so you can get an excellent source of vitamins A, K, and C, folates, and B vitamins.


Traditionally, ginger has been used to decrease gas production or to act as a carminative in the body. As a cleansing herb, it stimulates hydrochloric acid in the gut, thus helping improve digestion and bowel movement. Regular use of ginger can provide long term relief from unwanted symptoms and restores the balance of the digestive system.

As an herbal supplement for weight management, ginger helps digest proteins and fats, improving the body's metabolism. This herb is popular and safe among people of all ages and fitness goals.


Licorice does an incredible job when it comes to detoxifying the body. The roots of this herb can eliminate over one thousand toxins while functioning as a laxative. When taken as an herbal supplement, licorice can promote internal cleansing and wellness.

Licorice also helps the body fight infections. It relieves gastrointestinal problems and can be used as a remedy for cases of food poisoning, ulcers, and heartburn. This amazing herb can help restore balance and repair the stomach lining. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Mullein is an herb that can clear the lungs, even when smoked. Herbal cleansing is not just for the digestive system, our lungs can take advantage of it too. This is especially important for those who have been living in urban, polluted areas without fresh air or those who have been affected by the recent wildfires' smoke throughout the country.

This spectacular gift from nature can help prevent coughing and breaks up congestion. If you are suffering from dry cough, respiratory problems, bronchitis, and other related illnesses, mullein can provide relief and comfort.

Red Clover

The red clover herb helps to purify the blood and also the lungs. It improves blood circulation and liver function, giving you more energy for daily tasks. When it comes to cleansing, red clover is used as a diuretic that flushes excess fluid in the body.

It is also an expectorant that helps to clear the lungs of mucus, so you can breathe more deeply and enhance your oxygen supply. Additionally, this herb can prevent hair loss and promote hormonal balance.


The seed oil from the safflower herb can help normalize your cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Rich in antioxidants, this herb can promote cellular rejuvenation and healing. People with eczema find relief by using safflower as a moisturizer. It can also reduce fat, cleanse the digestive system, and is more effective than omega oil by up to 6 times more.

Herbs are one of the most wonderful gifts of nature. We can use them to heal, cleanse, and improve our health and wellbeing. Do you think it's time to let go of all the toxins and impurities in your body? Visit Common Sense™ Products to discover herbal supplements that will help you cleanse your body from within.