What Is Holistic Health and Why Does It Matter?

Holistic health represents an alternative approach to preventing and treating illness. This form of natural healing seeks to identify the root cause of a person's suffering and to support their wellness with safe, proven remedies. This includes the use of herbal products like those offered by Common Sense Herbs.

Holistic Health 101

By definition, holistic health aims to treat the person as a whole. This means addressing not only our physical bodies but also our mental state as well as our spiritual needs. These three components must function in a state of balance in order for us to achieve and maintain optimum wellness.

Physical Health

The holistic view of our bodies focuses heavily on preventative health. Rather than waiting for symptoms to appear, we strive to provide our bodies with the proper nourishment in an attempt to stave off some of the chronic, degenerative diseases that plague so many Americans. At the core of this principle lies adequate nutrition. The human body is a complex machine comprised of trillions of cells. We require certain nutrients—vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fatty acids—in specific amounts and in just the right form in order for all of our various systems to function as they're meant to.


When deficiencies or imbalances occur, our natural defenses may become overwhelmed, making us more susceptible to illness. A balanced, nutritious diet supports digestive, metabolic, and immune system health so that we're better able to fight off any foreign invaders that may do us harm. Unfortunately, today's food supply has been adulterated compared to years past. The soil has been depleted of key nutrients and many crops are sprayed with dangerous chemicals. Animals aren't always fed their natural diets and are confined to feedlots where they get sick and require antibiotics and other drugs. As a result, our modern diets are often lacking in many essential nutrients. The good news is that herbal products and other nutritional supplements can make it easier to correct many of these deficiencies.  Some herbs, for example, are known to support the liver's natural detoxification processes. These compounds bind to heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic and help to remove them from the body. Herbal remedies may also assist in clearing harmful synthetic chemicals like those found in commercial pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.


Individuals who are committed to a holistic lifestyle are interested in longevity and healthy aging. While a well-structured diet and nutrition plan is paramount, adequate sleep is equally important. Both quality and quantity matter here. Seven to eight hours of deep sleep is incredibly restorative. During sleep, our bodies undergo a process of repair, rebuilding, and rejuvenation. This is when our immune system gets a reboot, hormones are produced, and memories are reinforced. Overwhelming research has demonstrated a powerful association between sleep deficit and a host of ailments, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Millions of Americans struggle to fall and stay asleep. There are many contributing factors, some self-inflicted. Regardless of the cause, certain herbal extracts can help address sleep issues by relieving stress and inducing relaxation. Other products can counter some of the muscle and joint pain and discomfort that might make restful sleep a challenge for you.


Regular physical activity is another component of holistic health. Strengthening and toning the body through resistance training and aerobic exercise makes the body more resilient and less prone to injury. Many studies have also demonstrated the immune-boosting effects of physical activity. The holistic approach to exercise recognizes that physical fitness is not one-size-fits-all. Any type of movement is beneficial. An effective exercise program is based on each individual's background, goals, and injury history, among other factors. Consistency is what's most important: find an activity you enjoy, make it fun, and you'll be more likely to stick with it and reap the benefits for years to come.

Mental Health

The mental health component of holistic wellness encompasses our mood and any underlying emotional issues. Though it's importance is largely ignored or minimized by mainstream medicine, practitioners of holistic health make emotional stability and resilience a priority. In the holistic realm, we incorporate several modalities aimed at achieving focus, awareness, and concentration. These include mindfulness strategies like meditation, breathing exercises, gratitude journals, guided imagery, and herbal products. We also emphasize the importance of social interactions and community engagement as a means of instilling a sense of belonging while improving empathy and motivation. These methods are all considered a form of self-healing: a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years as evidence—both scientific and anecdotal—continues to demonstrate a benefit in the area of preventative health.

Spiritual Health

This facet of holistic wellness is deeply personal and can be defined in any number of ways. For most individuals, spiritual health means a state of inner calm. We've accepted who we are, we have found our purpose in life, and we are content and at ease. Studies have consistently shown that individuals who harbor feelings of resentment and ill will towards others have diminished healing capabilities. Those in the field of holistic health view anger and hostility as distractions that sap precious energy that could otherwise be directed towards living our best life.

Start Your Holistic Health Journey Now

Proponents of a holistic approach to health and wellness don't seek to replace conventional medicine. However, you may find renewed hope in the holistic concept. By taking responsibility for our health, we empower ourselves. Part of that is being an educated consumer and using that knowledge to make informed decisions about how to care for our bodies. The foundation will always be that three-legged stool: physical, mental, and spiritual health. Common Sense Herbs is proud to be part of the growing movement of Americans seeking a more natural way to prevent and manage the disease. Visit Common Sense Herbs to learn more about holistic health and the many herbal remedies available to help you achieve optimal wellness. Call (800-527-5682) or visit today to take the next step.