12 Signs You Have Parasites In Your Body

(What We Should Know About Them)

Parasites are natural undertakers. The presence of parasites in the body means there is plenty of waste for them to eat.  

 Did You Know? 

  • Processed food which cannot be properly digested and eliminated becomes fertile ground for parasites – eggs, larvae, or worms.  
  • Other chemicals such as drugs, may also provide a parasite-friendly environment in the human body.  
  • Intestinal parasitic infestation often occurs in people and animals. However, when there is no lifeless food residual to feast on, and plenty of oxygen-rich nutrition is introduced in the body, parasites will die and leave quickly!  

12 Signs parasites may be living in your body

  1. Constantly spitting out saliva 
  2. Itching and skin irritations
  3. Grinding of teeth
  4. Nausea
  5. Headaches
  6. Constipation
  7. Weight loss or weight gain
  8. Unexplained weakness
  9. Abdominal weakness
  10. Vomiting
  11. Memory loss
  12. Seizures  

 Parasites can affect any organ, as they can produce harmful toxins, skin disorders, irritate and inflame tissues, create pressure in the eyes, spinal cord, heart, bones, brain, destroy cells, and even weaken the immune system.  

 Contamination of parasites can come from various sources: 

  • Traveling 
  • Consuming uncooked or foreign foods 
  • Water and air pollution 
  • Day cares, camps, schools, workplaces with infected people  
  • Animals, pets, insects, birds
  • A weak Immune System

Parasites: It’s time to move them out and begin boosting your immune system with these herbal formulas!

Super ParaCleanz
Natural parasite purgative and herbal dewormer. It contains rich amounts of oxygen, and it’s also a nervine tonic that nourishes the nervous system and may help ease stress and nervous disorders. Its main ingredients include Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, Black Walnut Hulls, Wood Betony, Garlic Bulb, Buckthorn Bark, Clove Bud, and Pomegranate Seed.

Super ParaCleanz helps to maintain intestinal health and overall wellness. For optimal results, you can combine Super ParaCleanz with Common Sense™ SuperLax or Herbal Lax, Liquid Chlorophyll, Silver Sol-Defense, and Blood Builder Plus.

Natural yet potent herbal laxative and digestive system support created to ease bloating and constipation. Besides Cascara Sagrada, which is essential for the elimination process, SuperLax contains other important ingredients such as Psyllium Seed Husk and Slippery Elm Bark, which help to reduce inflammation while nourishing the digestive & urinary tracts. This powerful herbal blend helps to strengthen the gallbladder and assists with liver issues. It also has anti-aging properties, is rich in antioxidants, and may absorb gases while also helping neutralize stomach acid.