Cleansing Your Colon

What Is The Colon And What Does It Do? 

The colon is the main part of the large intestine. It absorbs water and electrolytes from food that has remained undigested.

Without proper elimination, food residue stored in the colon over long periods of time can cause all kinds of health issues due to accumulated toxins.

Regular bowel movements will flush out excess residue (waste) and prevent constipation, bloating, and illness related to just about any organ. The walls of the colon must be detoxified of this toxic plaque-like waste that has been lying in the colon for days, sometimes even years!

Did you know?

  • The colon (large intestine) is approximately the same length as our height.
  • The diameter of the colon is approximately 2 1/2 - 3 inches round.
  • For every foot of colon, one can store approximately 5-10 lbs. of waste.
  • A healthy person is known to have 3 to 5 bowel movements each day.
  • A healthy bowel movement can measure 12-18 inches long.
  • The colon re-absorbs fluids 8-10 times every 30 minutes.
  • The colon has areas that are like reflexology points on the hands and feet.
  • If your colon is clean so is your bloodstream in direct proportion.
  • One colonic may equal to three days of fasting. 

 How to Keep Your Colon Healthy 

 The food we eat provides the fuel we need to keep our bodies strong for years to come. Our diet is enormously important to optimal health. Be conscious of what you put in your body. Avoid lifeless foods that are:

  • Over-Processed
  • Genetically Modified (GMO) 
  • Full of Sugar
  • Made with White Flour
  • Dairy: Eggs, Milk/Cheese & Whey
  • Animal Protein 
  • Contain Artificial Ingredients 
  • High in Sodium Content
  • Full of Antibiotics

     From allergies to ulcers, herbs have been known to contain a variety of beneficial compounds that are effective against ailments.

     Herbs contain important enzymes that the body does not produce by itself. Therefore, at Common Sense™ Herbal Products, we created powerful herbal combinations to assist with proper digestion and elimination of toxins.