Skin: The Largest Organ of the Body

Skin is an organ that is easy to dismiss and take for granted, but you might not know just how big a role your skin plays in keeping you strong, healthy, and attractive. Skin is more than just a covering for your bones, tissues, and other internal body parts. It is an organ in its own right with a great deal of responsibility for removing toxins from your body and keeping your systems in perfect balance. Keeping your skin healthy keeps you from problems like acne and eczema.

Skin: The Largest Organ of the Body

Main Functions of the Skin


The major function of the skin is to protect all of the delicate systems working inside your body. Your skin is your first line of defense against harmful bacteria or viruses that can make you sick as well as protection from outside chemicals or toxins that can lead to sickness and problems like eczema.

Your skin is also there to provide a cushion from injury and a barrier against everything the outside world can throw at you.

Nerve Connection

nerves tell you when you are touching something and what that something feels like. Your nerves are also a warning system that you are in danger. They also tell you the temperature and whether you need to put on a sweater.
Damage to the nerves is neuropathy, and it leads to an inability to feel these sensations. This can be caused by poor blood flow and can become dangerous if you have an injury that you cannot feel.

Balance of Systems

Your skin is also responsible for helping to regulate your internal environment. For example, your skin helps keeps your body temperature from fluctuation and helps to keep your fluid levels in balance. Some of this is accomplished through perspiration.

The Importance of Perspiration

Perspiration is when your body releases fluid through the pores in your skin, and there are several different reasons for it. One is that sweating helps your body cool down as the air evaporates the liquid from your skin. Perspiration also helps bring toxins out of your body and gets rid of excess salt.

Sweating will also increase your blood circulation, which is good for your body. Oxygen and other nutrients flowing through your blood just under the skin are what give you a healthy, attractive glow after exercise. Our Blood Builder Plus oxygenates the blood and encourages healthy blood flow and removal of toxins from the body. It assists the skin in this job and makes skin look strong, healthy, and youthful.

The Gut/Skin Connection

The gut-skin axis is the term for the connection between your skin and your gut. These two body parts work together to help protect you from bacteria that can cause disease or acne. Your gut and your skin both contain microorganisms that are so small you cannot see them. They help to balance bacteria levels in your body.

The gut-skin axis is responsible for fighting off harmful bacteria that can invade your body and cause problems like inflammation, poor blood sugar control, and even stress and anxiety. All of your systems, from your metabolism to your digestion, can be negatively affected by bad bacteria, and that's one reason gut and skin health are so important.

Nutrition for Fighting Acne and Eczema

You know that your body needs proper nutrition to function at its highest levels, and the same is true of your skin. If you want your skin to protect you from outside influences that can harm you, you have to make sure it has the tools it needs to perform those tasks. Healthy skin needs a variety of nutrients including the right vitamins and anti-oxidants that keep bacteria balanced.

Our Astringent Formula gives your skin and body a boost of these important nutrients. Taken consistently it will improve organ functions and benefit all of your body's systems as well as your skin and will provide protection from irritation that leads to eczema. Keeping the circulation moving properly will also keep pores open and help control acne.

Benefits of Skin Brushing


act of dry brushing the skin is one that has many different benefits for the body's health and appearance. One of these benefits is that it exfoliates the dead skin cells that are always on your body. Getting rid of these dull, lifeless cells will promote a clean, healthy glow. It will also keep them from clogging pores that can keep skin from doing its job to protect your body and can cause acne.

Increased Circulation

Brushing the skin stimulates blood circulation that rids the body of waste and harmful materials. When the blood is circulating properly, the body can do more to heal itself and keep itself strong. It also helps the skin protect you better from the inside out.

Encourages Elimination of Toxins

Toxins are constantly invading your body and getting into your bloodstream. Part of your skin's job is to get rid of these toxins. This can happen through sweating and through proper blood flow. Brushing the skin increases the effective elimination of these toxins by keeping pores open for sweat and stimulating better blood circulation.

Cellulite Reduction

Reducing cellulite is one fantastic benefit of skin brushing because it makes your body appear healthier and younger. Dry brushing the skin provides similar benefits to a massage by breaking up fatty deposits that cause the appearance of cellulite and dimples on the skin. After brushing, the skin looks smoother and more elastic.

Assists the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is partially responsible for keeping your immunity response strong and keeping you away from infection. Toxins that are trapped in the body are a common cause of illness and can damage and irritate lymph nodes. When you dry brush your skin, you are opening the pores that allow those toxins to be removed from your body. In turn, this allows your lymphatic system to fight off illness and infection.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and plays an important role in your health. Visit Common Sense Herbs for a variety of products that can help optimize your skin's health and the well-being of your whole body.