Spring Is In The Air And So Is Better Health

March is Woman's History Month!

Let’s celebrate the ladies of all ages with some health info, useful tips, and insights for beauty and optimum body functioning


To maintain our strength wellness it is important to be consistent with good health practices. This includes the elimination process, eating habits, physical activities, and an herbal regimen. 

Over time, hormones become offset through years of feeding our body processed foods instead of eating raw fruits and vegetables. Organic diets should replace chemical-heavy, artificial food by-products. And herbal supplements can bring into the body the vitamins and minerals that are not naturally produced or are insufficient from food alone. Embrace a healthy lifestyle; your future self will thank you!

Your body talks to you, are you listening?

•    Cramping 
•    Bloating 
•    Cellulite 
•    Vaginal Dryness 
•    Hot Flashes 
•    Constipation 
•    Mood Swings 
•    Night Sweats 
•    Fever/Chills 
•    Varicose Veins 
•    Body-aches 
•    Headaches, etc.

 Did You Know?

Hot Flashes and cold sweats during menopause come from the menstrual cycle and toxins being trapped inside the female system. Sweating is the body’s attempt to flush the toxins through the skin, remember the skin is our largest channel of elimination. For many, menopause occurs prematurely; mainly because of the waste/mucus that is still stored in the female reproductive system.

 Constipation effects the female reproductive system because if we are not eliminating properly through the colon, waste and mucus now must find another way out. The vaginal tract is an extra channel of elimination that men do not have. The uterus can hold a 10lb baby, therefore waste and excess mucous can begin to accumulate and get stored in the uterus. Maintaining regular bowel movements is crucial, it can even help to ease menstrual cramps.

 Cellulite is built up waste from unfinished menstrual cycles. Part of the menstruation stays in the body each month and gets trapped along with waste (mostly mucus) in the female reproductive area. The unfinished menstrual cycle falls below the uterus into the hips and buttocks area, creating what is commonly known as "cellulite".  

The bloodstream and lymphatic system then store cellulite all over the body. Men do not have cellulite because they do not have a menstrual cycle.

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