Bladder Support  Urinary System Support
Bladder Support  Urinary System Support
Bladder Support Urinary System Support
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Bladder Support (120 Tablets) Urinary System Support


  • Nature’s Diuretic
  • Supports the Urinary System
  • Promotes Healthy Bladder Function
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Common Sense™ "Bladder Support" Is Made Of Soothing Herbs To Support The Cleansing And Purification Of The Urinary Tract, Promoting A Healthy Environment For The Bladder And Urinary System. This Herbal Blend Helps Heal Health Problems Such As; Inflammation Of The Bladder, Urinary Tract Infections, And Painful Urination. Due To Its Unique Properties It Also Allows For Other Health Benefits such as; Anti-Aging Properties that Help Detoxify The Body And Blood While Also Improving Digestion And Cellular Health. It Aids In Respiratory Problems, Reduces Water Weight, And Helps With Congestion In The Kidneys.

Works To Support The Flow Of Urine And Used As A Diuretic For The Kidney, Bladder And Tissues. Health Benefits Include Relief From Obesity, Cholesterol, Blood Stasis And Neurodegenerative Diseases. It Helps In Strengthening The Immune System While Also Supporting Healthy Vision, Skin, Bones, And Teeth. Peach Bark Has Anti-Aging Properties And Helps In The Detoxification Of The Body And Blood. It Has A Wealth Of Essential Nutrients And Antioxidants Which Are Especially Valuable During Pregnancy.

This Plant Has Bladder-Like Vesicles Along Its Fronds And Is Likely How It received Its Name. Bladderwrack Is A Form Of Kelp That Has Been Used For Its Medicinal Benefits Associated With The Bladder, For Centuries. Bladderwrack Has Been Used Historically As A Diuretic As Well As Chronic Inflammations Of The Bladder.

Is A Soothing Diuretic That Can Benefit The Urinary Tract In Numerous Ways. As A Demulcent, Cornsilk Consumption Helps To Relieve Inflammation In The Bladder Or Urethra. It Eliminates Much Of The Pain During Urination Due To Prostate Gland Problems. It Is Also A Well-Known Remedy For Urinary Infections. It Can Be Given To Children As A Method Of To Help Stop Bed Wetting. Because Of Its Effect On The Kidneys, Research Indicates That This Herb May Help Lower High Blood Pressure In The Circulatory System. It May Also Be Used To Support The Elimination Of Kidney Stones In Adults. As An Added Bonus, Cornsilk Is Also Widely Used For Improving Hair And Skin Health.

Offers Exceptional Support For The Kidneys And Urinary Tract, And Helps Reduce Sediment Build Up. It Promotes Healthy Kidney Function And Supports Its Ability To Remove Waste And Toxins From The Body. Joe Pye Root Positively Affects Bladder, Prostate And Urinary Tract Health. It’s A Gentle Diuretic, And Is Well Known To Soothe The Delicate Genito-Urinary Tissues.

Promotes Tissue Repair, Clears Toxins, And Helps Heal From Infection. Myrrh Is Known As A Strong Tonic With Several Therapeutic Properties; Therefore It Can Be Beneficial For The Healing Of Specific Ailments, Such As Respiratory Problems, Digestive Ailments, Like Stomach Upset, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Flatulence And Hemorrhoids. Myrrh's Benefits Can Be Attributed To Its Powerful Antioxidant, Antifungal, Antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Parasitic, Expectorant, And Antispasmodic Properties.

Hydrangea Has Been Used As An Alternative Remedy For Hundreds Of Years To Help Heal Urinary Infections In The Bladder. It Is Known To Help Dissolve Stones And Gravel From The Urinary Track. It Is Greatly Beneficial In The Healing Process Of The Kidneys, Prostate And Wounds. It Has Also Been Used To Help Ease Fevers, Psoriasis, Eczema, Scleroderma, And Multiple Sclerosis. Hydrangea Has Also Been Helpful In The Expulsion Of Kidney Stones And To Help Ease Pain And Discomfort Due To Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Marshmallow Helps A Great Deal For Those With Digestive Issues Like Intestinal Irritation, Abdominal Diseases, Discomfort, Flatulence, And Bloating. The Root Is Best Known For Working With The Kidneys And Bladder. Marshmallow Isn’t Just Helpful In Cleansing The Digestive Tract, But Additionally It Is A Strong Expectorant As It Thins The Mucus For Simple Expulsion From The Body And Will Help Reduce Inflammation In The Mucous Membranes. It’s Also Helpful In Detoxifying The Body By Efficiently Expelling Dangerous Toxins.

Gravel Root Has Been Used For Centuries For Kidney Related Conditions, Such As Kidney Stones And Urinary Infections. The Native Americans Used It To Induce Perspiration And Break A Fever. Gravel Root Exhibits Diuretic And Anti-Rheumatic Properties. The Plant As A Whole And Especially The Root Can Be An Astringent, Nervine And Tonic. These Properties Work To Aid Cystitis, Urethritis, Impotence, Urinary Incontinence In Children, And Many Other Conditions.

Spearmint Is An Herbal Diuretic That Promotes Urine Flow And Is Often Given For Painful Or Burning Urination. It Has Been Used As A Remedy To Relieve Gas, Nausea, Vomiting And Flushing Gravel From The Bladder. It Is Also Said To Promote Perspiration, Which Helps To Cool The Body And Lower Fever While Also Helping To Rid The Body Of Toxins Through The Skin. Spearmint Is A Nerve Tonic And Believed To Quiet The Nerves, Ease Tension, Help Relieve Headaches (Including Migraines) And Vomiting, Especially When Related To Nervous Causes.

Are Excellent To Help Ease Painful Urination and Improve Urination Flow. They May Help Prevent The Body's Re-Absorption Of Salt And Help Rid The Body Of Excess Mercury. It Is Used To Help With Congestion In The Kidneys And Gall Stones. They Are Excellent As A Diuretic And For Obstructions In The Liver And Spleen. Parsley Leaf Is A Superior Breath Freshener Because Of Its Rich Chlorophyll Content. It Is Used To Cleanse The Blood And Aid In Prostate Problems. Parsley Is A Bitter, Aromatic, And Diuretic Herb That Helps To Relax Spasms, Reduces Inflammation And Clears Toxins. It Can Also Help Reduce Excess Water Weight And Ease Bloating That Some Women Experience Before Their Periods.
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Gwen W. (Hyattsville, US)
The verdict is still out

I can't see where is helping, Is it suppose to help with bladder leakage or what?