Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild
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Daily Preventive Maintenance Cleanse and Rebuild


  • Natural Source of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Promotes Cellular Detoxification
  • Weight Maintenance and Energy Boost
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Common Sense™ “Daily Preventive & Maintenance”, (Also Known As “Maintenance”), Addresses Every System In The Body: The Endocrine, Digestive, Eliminative, Circulatory, Immune (Lymphatic), And Nervous System. Every Organ In Each System Can Be Nourished And Strengthened By Common Sense™ “Maintenance” Because Cleanliness Helps Immune Us Against Illness. Common Sense™ “Maintenance” Helps To Cleanse And Rebuild Every Cell, Tissue, And Bone In The Body. When The Body Is Clean, It Is Able To Maintain Healthy And Balanced Weight. This Combination Includes The Following Ingredients:

Is A Plant That Sends Its Roots Down Twenty To Thirty Feet Into The Ground And Brings Up The Minerals That Are Not Available On The Surface. It Contains The Same Kind Of Minerals Found In Sea Kelp. Alfalfa Feeds The Pituitary Gland (The Master Gland Of The Body), Thereby, It Begins To Heal Our Endocrine System Which Is Vital To Our Overall Health And Developement. The Nutrients that Are Present In Alfalfa Play A Vital Role In The Strength And Growth Of Our Bones And In The Maintenance Of A Healthy Body. It Also Contains Calcium, Potassium, Carotene, Iron, And Zinc. Its Specific Benefits Include Helping Kidney Problems And Reducing Swelling From Fluid Retention. Alfalfa Nourishes The Skeletal, Glandular, And Urinary System.

Contains Alkaloids (A Group Of Naturally Occurring Chemical Compounds That Contain Mostly Basic Nitrogen Atoms) Which Stimulate The Production Of Bile. It Has Been Used As A Remedy For Gallbladder Inflammation, Gallstones, And Other Liver Problems. Along With Being A Great Blood Builder, Barberry Helps Dilate Blood Vessels, Thus Balancing Blood Pressure.

Was Thought To Be The Only Pure Food On Earth Having Every Mineral, Trace Mineral, Enzyme, And Vitamin, Needed For The Body. It Is Also Beneficial For Prostate Health, But Its Greatest Asset Is That It Is An Energy Boosting Food.

Has A Relaxing Effect On The Colon, Lungs, Uterus, Liver, And Lymphatic System. Black Cohosh Is Also Known To Calm The Nervous System .

Energizes And Purifies The Bloodstream By Removing Acidic Mucous From The Body. Burdock Is A Gentle Tonic That Cleanses, Supports Digestion, Reduces Inflammation, Supports The Immune System and Invigorates The Body.

Is Thought To Be The World’s Greatest Herb. No Herbal Combination Is Complete Without It Because It Is A Catalyst For All Herbs. Cayenne Pepper Helps Circulate Blood To The Extremities (Hands, Head, Feet) Which Make Wounds Heal Faster. It Is Known To Stop Internal And External Bleeding, Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Shock, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Ulcers, And A Host Of Other Maladies. Contrary To Popular Belief, It Is Not An Irritant But Is A Soothing Herb.

This Tree Bark’s Name Translates To “Sacred Covering” And It Is The World’s Most Intelligent And Non-Habit Forming Herbal Laxative. Cascara Sagrada Works Via The Gallbladder, Giving It Strength. The Bitter Gall Of The Gallbladder Is Like Detergent For The Colon. As The Gallbladder Releases Its Bile Through The Small Intestines, It Enters The Colon, Giving The Colon Its Peristalsis Action, Which Begins Moving The Waste Off The Colon Wall. It May Have Been Years Since The Colon Has Had Any Peristalsis Movement; Therefore, You May Feel Some Griping When You First Start Taking Cascara Sagrada But It Usually Subsides Soon After You Begin Eliminating Waste.

Helps To Remove Fatty Tissue From The Body And Is The Equivalent To Lecithin. It Can Be Used As A Mild Appetite Suppressant. It Also Helps To Soften And Liquify Mucous So It Can Easily Be Flushed From The Body.

Is An Herb Used For Building The Blood. Don’t Forget That Blood Is The Life Of The Flesh. Since Every 90 Days We Have New Blood, This Herb Is The One That Is Needed To Help Us Build A Healthy Blood Supply. It Also Helps To Build Hydrochloric Acid In The Stomach To Help Us Digest Our Food. It Is Also Known To Increase The Flow Of Bile, Which Helps To Detox The Liver.

Is A Great Appetite Suppressant As Well As An Aromatic Herb Used For Cooking. We Use It In Common Sense™ “Maintenance” For Its Ability To Dispel Gas As The Colon Is Being Detoxed. It May Also Provide Relief From Gout, Cramps, Obesity, Joint Pains, Food Poisoning, And Stomach Problems.

Is Used For Its Ability To Circulate Blood In The Pelvic Area Which Is Vital To The Colon. It Helps to Improve Digestion, Relieving Congestion And Regulating High Body Temperature. Ginger Root Is Also Used To Relieve Tired And Achy Muscles.

Are For The Repair And Rebuilding Of The Heart. In Fact, The Berry Is Shaped Somewhat Like The Heart. A Little Known Fact Is That Every Eleven Months Our Body Has A New Organs (Heart), But The Condition Of The New Heart Is Dependent Upon How We Rebuild It. Hawthorn Berries Help To Build A Healthier And Stronger Heart .

Strengthens And Tones The Entire Urinary Tract And Is Used For Kidneys And Bladder Problems. It Increases The Flow Of Urine And Helps Elimination Of Passive Congestion From The Kidneys And Bladder.

Is A Rich Sea Vegetation Plant Which Is Anchored In The Ocean Floor With Its Roots Pointing Toward The Sun. Due To This Strange Occurrence, Sea Vegetation Cannot Be Polluted, Even By Radiation! Sea Vegetation Also Contains Natural Iodine Which Is Incredible For Thyroid Health. It Is Also Great For Fingernails, Hair, And Skin.

Is An Excellent Herb For Stress. It Works On The Adrenals (Part Of The Endocrine System). Licorice Is Also A Natural Cortisone Which Is Good For The Human Brain. It Helps Us To Release Our Own Endorphins Which Have Incredible Pain Relieving Properties.

Is Best Known For Its Ability To Help Expel Mucous From The Body. Mucous Is Mainly The Result From Consuming Processed Food. Mullein Thins And Liquifies Mucous To Be Easily Expelled From The Lungs. Mullein Can Be Of Great Help For Relieving Respiratory Problems, Stomach Aches, Intestinal Inflammation, Yeast, Candida, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, And Other Health Conditions. Due To Its Sedative And Calming Healing Properties, The Health Benefits Of Mullein Include Easing Nervous Tension, Apathy, Insomnia, Anxiety, And Other Symptoms Of Chronic Stresses.

Provides Digestive Enzymes That Help The Body Absorb Nutrients, Allowing Other Herbs To Work More Effectively. Papaya Contains A Special Enzyme Known AS “Papain”. This Enzyme Increases The Body’s Production Of Cytokines, Which Are A Group Of Proteins That Help Regulate Inflammation.

PAU D’ARCO (Taheebo)
Is The Inner Bark Of The Red Lapacho Tree Found In South America. It Has Properties That Strengthen The Entire Immune System.

Is A Potent Blood Purifier Widely Used To Help The Body Fight Serious Illness. It Is Also Helpful In Clearing Psoriasis, And Acne.

Are High in Vitamin C In Its Natural State. Vitamin C Is Essential For Any Healing Process. Rose Hips, When Taken In Their Natural State Contain High Amounts Of Collagen, An Anti-Aging Property That Helps To Avert Wrinkles.

Helps Neutralizes Uric Acid In The Body. Meat Contains A Lot Of Uric Acid And Since The Body Has No Facilities For Getting Rid Of Uric Acid, The Only Thing It Can Do To Protect Itself From It Is By Retaining Water To Try And Dilute The Acid. As The Water Grows becomes Old And Gets Mixed With Toxins, It Becomes Solid And Turns Into Fatty Tissue And Cellulite. The Use Of Safflower Helps Prevent The Body From Retaining Water In Self-Defense.

Is A Great Nervine That Works On The Nervous System Through The Spine. Not Only Does Skullcap Relax The Nerves, But It Will Also Rebuild The Nerve Sheath (Insulation) That Protects The Nerves. It Is Excellent For The Sciatic Nerve And All Nerves Below The Waist.

Is An Important Herb In Common Sense™ “Maintenance” Because It Provides A Protective Coating For The Colon Wall. The Colon Wall Is Where Most Of Our Health Troubles Begin Because If The Colon Wall Is Not Protected, The Waste From The Colon Can Leak Directly Into The Bloodstream. Therefore, Slippery Elm May Be Referred To As “Nature’s Acidophilus”. It Also Serves As An Aid To Digestion And Sensitive Stomachs.

Is A Powerful Nervine Used To Quiet, Calm, And Promotes Sleep. Valerian Has A Healing Effect On The Nervous System. It Is Known To Help Reduce Heart Palpitations, Epilepsy Attacks, Headaches, Hangovers, Menstrual Cramps, And After Pains From Childbirth. The Drug Valium Was Derived And Synthetically Made From Valerian Root. Unlike Valium, Valerian Root Does Not Have Narcotic Effects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is fantastic. Been using this for years

Sharita D.
Daily Maintenance pills

I love the Daily Maintenance pills. On dialysis and my doctor say my thyroid gland over or under took the pills and now my glands are balance. My hemoglobin is good. I will continue to buy..

Marva M. (Federal Way, US)

I have used many of the Common Sense Herbs for years. They are excellent! Herbs are plants, a natural product that supples our diets with nutrients we may not get or do not have enough of.


Great product

RC (Leesville, US)
Great product

I believe they provide all the vitamins I need to stay healthy.