Lymphatic Health Immune System Support
Lymphatic Health Immune System Support
Lymphatic Health Immune System Support
Lymphatic Health Immune System Support
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Lymphatic Health Immune System Support


  • Supports Immune Health
  • Encourages Lymph Circulation
  • Contains Antioxidant Properties
  • Supports the Glands Detoxifying Efforts
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We Have Approximately 45 Pints Of Lymphatic Fluid In Our Body. The Lymphatic System Aids The Immune System By Removing: Excess Fluid, Waste, Debris, Pathogens, Dead Blood Cells, Abnormal Cells, And Other Toxins From Cells And The Tissue Spaces Between Them.

It Also Works With The Circulatory System To Help Deliver Nutrients, Oxygen, And Hormones From The Blood To The Cells (Which Make Up The Tissues Of The Body). This System Must Do The Right Job All The Time, And Common Sense™ “Lymphatic Health” Has The Awesome Job Of Helping The Lymphatic System Do Just That! This System Can Get Rid Of One Billion Dead Cells An Hour! This Combination Includes The Following Ingredients:

Is Best Known For Its Ability To Help Expel Mucous From The Body. Mucous Is Mainly The Result From Consuming Processed Food. Mullein Thins And Liquifies Mucous To Be Easily Expelled From The Lungs And Body. Mullein Can Be Of Great Help For Relieving Respiratory Problems, Stomach Aches, Intestinal Inflammation, Yeast, Candida, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, And Other Health Conditions. Due To Its Sedative And Calming Healing Properties, The Health Benefits Of Mullein Include Easing Nervous Tension, Apathy, Insomnia, Anxiety, And Other Symptoms Of Chronic Stress.

Is Historically Known As “Nature’s Penicillin”. As One Of The Top Five Herbs On The Earth, It Also Helps To Open Up Blood Ways Minimizing The Occurrence Of Blood Clots And Promoting Greater Blood Circulation. Garlic Also Has Antioxidant Properties That Boost The Immune System. It Is An All-Around Tonic.

Yarrow Is A Great Herb Used To Help Stop Excessive Bleeding, Especially From The Respiratory System. It Has Been Used To Induce Perspiration To Help Balance Body Temperature, Thereby Eliminating Harmful Toxins. Yarrow Is Also Believed To Be A Kidney And Urinary Tract Cleanser Because Of Its Diuretic And Antiseptic Properties.

Echinacea Is Extremely Helpful For Seasonal Changes. When Used Correctly It Can Be Used As A Remedy To Help Fight The Common Cold And To Help Reduce Inflammation Of The Lymph Glands. Echinacea Is A Great Blood Purifier And May Help Stimulate The Activity Of Cells Responsible For Fighting Infections. This Mighty Herb Is Known to Provide Relief From Skin Conditions Such As Eczema And Psoriasis. It Is Known To Make Our Body’s Immune Cells More Efficient At Attacking Harmful Bacteria, Microbials, Pathogens And Abnormal Cells. Echinacea Promotes New Tissue Growth For Wound Healing And Supports The Stimulation Of Phagocytosis (The Consumption Of Invading Organisms By White Blood Cells And Lymphocytes). Echinacea May Also Inhibit Harmful Bacteria From Accessing Healthy Cells.

Turmeric Root Is Also Known As “Curcuma Longa” And Has Been Regarded As A Purifier By Ayurvedic Healers. Scientific Research Has Shown It To Help Treat Digestive And Liver Problems. It Is Well Known For Its Healing Properties And Its Use In Helping To Relieve Allergy Symptoms Such As Sneezing, Runny Nose, Sinus Congestion, Headaches, And Itchy Eyes. Turmeric May Also Help Sooth Stomach Pain And Provide Antibacterial And Antioxidant Protection. It Is Also Used For Strengthening The Liver, Enhancing Complexion, And Nourishing Body Tissues. It Has Been Found To Reduce Blood-Clotting And Exhibit Hypocholesterolsterolemic Activity. Turmeric Is Very Useful In Reversing Jaundice And Healing Insect Stings, Wounds, Pimples, Internal And External Injuries. It Is Also Recommended For Arthritis, Asthma, Gastritis, Hyperacidity, Inflammatory Skin Conditions, And Nausea.

Has Recently Gained A Reputation As An “Herbal Antibiotic” As Well As An Immune Enhancer. It Is Used To Help Reduce Internal Inflammatory Conditions, Whooping Cough, Diarrhea, Liver Disease, Fever, Stomach Pain, Flatulence, And Pneumonia. Goldenseal Is Also Used To Stimulate Digestion And Improve Appetite Therefore, Promoting Healthy Liver And Spleen Functions. It Is Great For Treating Skin Inflammations, And Those Of The Eyes Such As Conjunctivitis. Goldenseal Is Known To Naturally Aid In Balanced Blood Sugar Levels. When Made As A Poultice It Is Helpful In Healing Bedsores, Psoriasis, And Hemorrhoids. Other Benefits Of Goldenseal Include Relief From Flu, Laryngitis, Hepatitis, Cystitis, And Alcoholic Liver Disease. Goldenseal Contains Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-Complex, And Other Essential Nutrients And Minerals.
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