PMS Female Hormone Combination Natural PMS Relief
PMS Female Hormone Combination Natural PMS Relief
PMS Female Hormone Combination Natural PMS Relief
PMS Female Hormone Combination Natural PMS Relief
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PMS Female Hormone Combination Natural PMS Relief


  • Nourishes Female Reproductive System
  • May Help Regulate Menstrual Cycle
  • Supports Balanced Hormone Levels
  • May Help Lessen Menstrual Discomfort, Cramping & Fatigue
  • Assists in Dissolving Tissue Build Up
  • Supports A More Comfortable Menstrual Cycle
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Common Sense™ “PMS” is formulated with some of God’s greatest female herbs to take complete care of this unnecessary problem. Since the female population in this country suffers badly from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (P.M.S.), we at CSP have gone back to the original pharmacy. These herbs should be taken by every female, no matter what age (before puberty, after menopause, and all ages in between). This combination includes the following ingredients:

contains high amounts of Vitamin C, which provides healing powers. It is a powerful female herb which helps to complete the menstrual cycle and controls profuse bleeding. It is good for digestion and for headaches, which often accompany the menses. It speeds up the childbirth process and helps dispel afterbirth. It is also good for the liver and spleen. It is used in Common Sense™ “P.M.S” because of its ability to stop the cramps of the menses.

is a female hormone, and like all hormonal herbs, it has all the elements that are needed (progesterone, estrogen, etc.), because it is a living substance as is the body. The body only takes from the herb what it needs, the rest goes out in the waste. Blue Cohosh is also a great nervine which helps relax tension in the uterus which causes cramps.

is thought to be the world’s greatest herb. No herbal combination is complete without it, because it is a catalyst for all herbs. Capsicum circulates blood to the extremities (hands, head and feet) which makes wounds heal faster. It will stop internal and external bleeding, shock, heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, and a host of other maladies. It helps the ulcerated uterus and stops or starts the menstrual flow. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an irritant, but is a soothing herb.

is the bark of a tree. Its name means “sacred covering” and is the world’s most intelligent herbal laxative. It is the most important herb in the Common Sense™ “P.M.S.” because to some degree, all “P.M.S”. is caused by constipation. It works via the liver and gallbladder and is non-habit-forming. The bitter gall of the gallbladder is the detergent for the colon; Cascara Sagrada simply strengthens the gallbladder. The gallbladder releases the bile through the small intestines and enters the colon, giving the colon its peristalsis action, which begins moving the waste off the colon wall. It may have been years since the colon has had any peristalsis movement; therefore, you may feel some griping when you first start taking Cascara Sagrada, but it will subside shortly.

is a hormone balancer for both male and female. It is good for nerves, weakness, and exhaustion. It brings back natural sexual desires to the body. It is great for hot flashes, menopause, and even the male prostate. It is used in Common Sense™ “PMS” because of its properties to balance hormone levels.

is used for its ability to circulate blood in the pelvic area, which is vital to the colon. Good for excessive menstruation. Also, good for relieving congestion and fevers. Provides relief for pregnant women who have morning sickness. Used in bath water to relieve tired and achy muscles.

is a delicious fruit and a true healer in its natural state. It strengthens and tones the entire female reproductive system. It is a female hormone in every sense of the word and works without side effects. Good for cold sores and genital or mouth herpes. Can be used as a good rinse for the mouth if you are suffering from tonsillitis, thrush, or an acidic stomach. It is the pivotal herb in this combination.

is a powerful nervine. It quiets, calms, and promotes sleep. Valerian has a healing effect on the nervous system. It is known to reduce heart palpitations, epilepsy attacks, headaches, hangovers, menstrual cramps, and after pains from childbirth. The drug valium was derived and synthetically made from Valerian Root. Unlike valium, Valerian Root does not have narcotic effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C.O. (Auburn, US)
Life changing!

These have helped me so much. I used to have horrible symptoms . It helps to regulate menses , less cramping, less mood swings. I also know many women who I have recommended this product to and have had great results!


Helps with balancing my hormones and I no longer have menstrual cramps.


Helps with menstrual cramps and overall calm. Love this product.

Danielle M. (Carson, US)
Miraculous Product!

PMS is life changing!! The intense cramping I use to experience has disapeared! Not to mention the Mood swings and bloating the have subsided substantially. I genuinely could not live without this product! Thank you Common Sense Products! ❤️

Bridget (San Diego, US)
I love these supplements !

I use this and Headstart and I’ve noticed a drastic change-I’m not as hungry as I used to be and I am more calm. PMS has drastically changed since I’ve grown into my late 30s and ever since I’ve been using these supplements along with Headstart, my skin and mind is a lot more clear!